It’s finally time! After much anticipation, countless posts, messages, emails, and a slight mishap with a website crash, it’s finally time. I am officially opening up applications to find seniors for the 2018 Mager Image Spokesmodel Team!!!

My spokesmodel team for 2017 has been amazing. They’re a fabulous group of girls from local schools who have done awesome to represent Mager Image Photography. They have earned referrals, participated in our “glamping” themed group shoot, and met new friends along the way! I am happy that we are still only halfway through their senior years, as it’s always bittersweet when things come to an end. However, it is time to start the extensive search for the 2018 Spokesmodel Team!

If you want to have an amazing senior experience, earn your senior photos for free, participate in group photoshoots, make new friends, and so much more, then this is your chance! If you know a current spokesmodel, ask them for more insight to their senior experience this past year, and don’t forget to mention you spoke with them. You can meet the spokesmodels here!

You must be a 2018 senior, but may be from any local school! We have set the date of the group shoot for July 16th, so be sure you can attend if you want to participate! For all of the information, you can check out my website, and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. I am excited to get to know each one of you, GOOD LUCK!

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