I never know where to start when “introducing” myself or talking about me personally. I think it something a lot of people struggle with. However, I LOVE a good random fact. I ask everyone for random facts, clients, family, friends, it doesn’t matter! I want to know! They’re fun, unpredictable, unsolicited, and RANDOM! So today, I’m choosing to share 5 random things about myself with you!

1. The Boy Who Lived

I luuurrrrvvee Harry Potter (as you may have noticed on my Instagram feed this week), but I’ve never read the books. I’m such a slow reader, that I’ve been trying to read the fourth book for months now! However, I watch the movies frequently, often right before I fall asleep in bed! Brandon has read the books, though may or may not get a little annoyed with watching the movies before bed… ha! We’re both looking forward to visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando this fall!

2. Shhh!

I HATE when people chew with their mouth open. It was a big pet peeve of my dad when I was growing up, so I blame him! But really, who wants to listen to someone eating?! Yuck!

3. !!!… !!!

If you have been following my blog for sometime you may have already noticed, but I have a serious addiction with exclamation points. So much so that I have a two-to-one rule for myself that I HAVE to have one period for every two exclamation points. Sometimes it’s just impossible. I’m just so enthusiastic about things and want it to come across in my writing! My english-teacher-mom has often told me to calm down and stop yelling at people, but I’m really just happy!

4. The Wedding World

I second shot nine weddings before I booked my first wedding, and shadowed even more before that. I felt that having experience in photography was not enough to handle the biggest day of my clients’ lives. Instead, through shadowing and second shooting I was able to see how other wedding professionals (not just photographers) handled different situations, could practice my skill in the chaotic wedding environment, and was able to make sure that the wedding photography world was for me. Often times, photographers say yes to a wedding before they’re ready because it’s for a friend, or maybe say yes for the money, but I wanted to make sure that I loved the wedding industry before promising anyone I could handle it. It’s sometimes hard to find the chance to shadow or second shoot for other photographers, but if you’re looking for the opportunity just shoot me an email and we’ll chat!

5. I’m a Child at Heart

We bought Bexley the DVD “Trolls” for Valentine’s Day this year, and I’ll often find myself singing along to the soundtrack with (or without) her! We have a “Bexley’s Tunes” Spotify playlist consisting of 50% songs from “Trolls”, and I’ll even turn it on in the car regardless of having Bex with me or not. It’s really good!

Well, there you have it! That was harder than it should have been, whew! It was fun though, I may make it a regular thing! What about you?! Entertain me, tell me just TWO random facts about you with a comment! I can’t wait to learn more about you!

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