Allerton Park + Retreat Center, Monticello, IL

In most cases, when you see high chances for rain, you reschedule. However, when your big day is less than a month away, you work with what you got! Luckily, when Allison, Andrew, and I began planning their engagement session, we initially chose to meet at Allerton for the superb landscape and general aesthetic of the land. Little did we know that choosing Allerton would be more beneficial for its availability of covered locations and options because we ended up with one rainy day!

When we arrived, there was an on and off drizzle, which allowed us to work outside for little bits at a time. Luckily, Allison had discovered a cute, clear umbrella that saved the day. Eventually, it worked up to a steady rain, so we sought shelter in the mansion and shot around inside for a bit. It was the first time these two had been inside the mansion, so it was fun giving them the tour and shooting in the best-lit portions of the historic building. After it seemed to have settled down a bit, we ventured outside the mansion before heading over to one of my favorite spots, the gazebo! It provided shelter long enough for us to get a few shots and then we ended in the rain! It was an adventure, to say the least, and regardless of the wet hair, I had a blast and hope they did too!

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flowers couple umbrella rain couple path umbrella trees umbrella couple engagement flowers outdoors couple mansion kiss dark room couple window indoors mansion couple kiss trail path couple stairs indoors ring gray grey rainy engagement session allerton park

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