Sunflower Feild, Roberts, IL 

“I’ll just shut up” is a phrase I rarely say while behind the camera. With most sessions, clients tend to love having more direction, and I nit pick about things like hair beards (yep, that’s a thing), lines of symmetry, and HAIR TIES. But once in a while, clients take my direction and RUN, and Allison did just that! I explained to her at the beginning of her session that with rain on the horizon (we had a gloomy day all day and decided to risk it for the biscuit) we should work somewhat quickly. I told her that if she felt comfortable changing up each pose I gave her, we would get so many additional shots just in a 30 second timespan, and you guys, SHE. KILLED. IT. When the rain seemed to be holding off and the sun was still shining, we played around with some leftover props from our spokesmodel group shoot (to be revealed soon!) and had a blast! I loved the colored smoke, but I think my favorites are with the confetti! We chose the location primarily for the sunflowers, which don’t ever last long (hence the risking it) and wanted to wait until right before the sun set to use those. We found a pond nearby (and by found I really mean the owners of the property lead the way) and went to work! It was such a gorgeous location, I alllmost didn’t want to leave. But, well, SUNFLOWERS. We finished up in the most epic sunflower field with not a rain cloud in sight! Thanks to Sage Ihrke for blessing us with some super mad makeup skills (once again) and for also alerting me of the location idea!

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