I love photographing seniors. Behind couples and weddings, seniors are some of my favorite sessions ever. There are also moments where seniors make me feel old. Meet Ally, a 2015 senior from PBL High School who I used to babysit. It seriously didn’t seem that long ago! The funny part is, we would go around and she would model for me as I took pictures of her on my little point and shoot canon I had in high school. My how things have changed. Ally has grown into a fun loving young woman, and we had a blast going around Paxton to take her senior photos!

Ally, I hope the rest of your senior year is as wonderful as you are. Good luck!

Ally001 Ally006 Ally010 Ally014 Ally017 Ally025 Ally029 Ally031 Ally037 Ally042 Ally047 Ally051 Ally054 Ally056 Ally060 Ally070 Ally071

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