Austin is currently a senior at Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School. His mother and I planned his session days before, and I left the location details to her. She told me about a piece of farm land owned by her family outside of Roberts, and as you all know, I love exploring new places. 😉 Little did I know this place was full of opportunities, complete with golden yellow leaves, hay bails, and machine sheds filled with tractors! We began by exploring around the trees, and then moved into the machine shed. As it was in the middle of harvest, there were a few tractors in the field, so we had some room. We got a few shots, and then Austin suggested moving one of the tractors outside. Now, not growing up on a farm, I wasn’t sure how easy this task would be, or where to have him put it! AND THEN. In the middle of trying to decide where to put it, Austin had me climb up into the tractor with him! Some of you may know I hate heights, and, I mean, HATE them. So climbing up into this tractor was a small victory on my part. 🙂 Anyways, we finished up around bails of hay, grain bins, and trucks. As usual, senior boys are almost never down for senior photos, which is no surprise to me. After giving Austin a bit of a hard time, and getting plenty of it back, we ended up having a good time after all. 🙂

Enjoy your senior year!

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Austin, you can see your full gallery right over here.

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