Every once in a great while, you’ll catch a behind-the-scenes photo on Instagram or Facebook, but they’re rare. If you’re wanting to see more BTW shots, you’re better off following me on Snapchat, although you’ll also see lots of my super spunky little girl on there! However, throughout the year, I compile a folder dedicated to nothing but the outtakes. From senior sessions to wedding days, a fun photo of the work behind the magic is (almost) always a treat. I say almost because, well, some of them are downright silly or I’m just a hot mess – which is most likely at the end of every wedding. So today I want to share the good, the bad, and the ugly, and not just of me! Enjoy…

national wedding photographer

From purple to blonde to red and then dark red hair…

hair emily major imageemily magers at work

When you have no free hands…

mager Image photography wearing bride veil

The times second shooting with Holly…

central illinois wedding photographer

I have full trust in my brides!

champaign wedding photographers

Apparently I prefer my camera on my shoulder…

bts photographer at work look behind the lens fun wedding behind the scenes

I never miss a photobomb opportunity!photobomb photographer

I make the weirdest face behind the camera.

photographer in the rain working emily magers mager image photography

I always joke that I’m the creeper in the corner! Proof!

laborers union wedding receptionrantoul illinois wedding photography kempton illinois kankakee wedding photographer

One of my wedding day secrets is “stuffing the dress.” Often, dresses don’t hang as well as they fit, which is to be expected, so I often use dress bags or in this case, a stuffed animal, to fill things out a bit!

Now to introduce just a few of my “co-workers” from this past year. I know there are so many more sitting in the archives waiting to be edited, but for now, I’ll share these gems and introduce you to the ones I have photos of. Without these people, my job would not only be so much harder, but it would be way less entertaining!

Sam: She’s my right hand woman on wedding days. She has been with me from the beginning, and is my second shooter for over half the weddings I do. Working with her is always so fun and she keeps me on track when I need to be. She’s also a better seamstress than I am, so is a good hand to have when a bridesmaid needs sewn into her dress or the bride’s bustle isn’t just right. Plus, she shares my love of Starbucks (before and after a wedding? Sure why not!) and car rides always end up with us singing duets in the car!

Megan: This chick. We met first in college and have stayed friends ever since. She’s absolutely hilarious and good (calm) company when driving through one of the worst storms ever!!

Ron: One of the coolest guys to work with! Ron shot with me for some of the hottest weddings this year, but we still had fun! I have loved watching his business flourish and grow throughout the season, and know he’ll do great things!

Brandon: My studdly hubby folks! This year, he shadowed a few weddings and assisted me to learn the tricks of the trade, and second shot his very first wedding with me in November – successfully I might add! I am so proud of him and can’t wait to have him as one of my more frequent second shooters in 2017.

Before I leave every wedding, I try to grab a photo or two with each couple before the night ends! I may be a hot mess, but I consider these people friends! If there’s another fellow Mager Image Bride present, we try to also take a photo together!

mager image brides

And a couple from senior sessions this past summer!

This little girl took her sweet time getting here, and I was there for almost the entire wait! It was completely worth it though, and ever since, I have been hooked on photographing birth stories!

Some shots from Snapchat! Make sure you follow me (@missmagers) for more!

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