Welp! That’s a wrap! My FIFTH official year is complete and in the books! WOW. It’s hard to wrap my head around. This year has been a great one if you ask me! I’ve been fortunate enough to not only work doing a job I love, but have great clients who support me and show me all the love, and have made other friends in the industry who make “working” so much fun. In total I shot 26 weddings, 15 engagement sessions, 19 individual seniors, 21 boudoir sessions, a handful of family sessions and countless personal projects of my own. Hundreds of THOUSANDS of photos were taken, culled down to the best of the best, edited, delivered, blogged, and shared on social media. This was Brandons first full year second shooting most of my weddings with me, which is a lot of fun! With him working weekdays and me mostly on the weekends, it’s a nice chance to spend a bit of time together. We traveled from every major city in Illinois to Jamaica, to Las Vegas, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arkansas, Indiana, Iowa, and everywhere in between. We’ve been a bit busy around here! 

I cannot wait to see where else 2019 brings us (hint: ice!) and we’re up for any adventure life brings our way. To all of my 2018 clients, sincerely, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Without your faith, trust, and support, I would not be where I am today, doing what I love to do, preserving moments to share for now and future generations. Bring on 2019! 

I hope you have your coffee ready, because this post is always a long one! 

So first up there was the destination wedding that Brandon and I photographed in the Caribbean… being almost a full year away from the tropics is way too long! We need to go back soon! 

And then came back to snow… 

Before the year’s end was over, I decided to make a change… 

burgundy hair mager image wedding photographer
purple maroon hair photographer emily
emily magers pear tree reception photos

I love my new color! 

Now, on for all the photos that I TAKE, meaning lots of second shooter photos with a few dj’s, videographers, and other vendors in the mix! I have such a blast working with all of these people, as you can tell by the photos! 

bob megan hubbard embee video illinois
Bob and Megan with Embee Videography are some of my favorite people to work with! 
wedding videographers embee video
wedding videographer minimalist
Tori is the owner/videographer with Tori Beach Videography and she’s a fun one-woman show!
wedding videographer illinois georgia
wedding video tori beach illinois
tori beach videography weddings events
And then there’s Sammy! 

Of course, you all know I work a lot with Kaula of Kaula Marie Photography, whether she’s shooting for me or I for her, we always have fun!

But my favorite of all (and I may be biased here) is this handsome hunk who helped me start it all! 

brandon magers behind the scenes second shooter
husband wife photography team
behind the scenes kara evans photographer
Some more random shots! 
senior group girls with emily magers

And to all of my couples, you are all truly special people who hold a great spot in my heart. Thank you so much for trusting me with such important moments in your lives! 

All in all, it’s been a great year. I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on my 2018 recap! Using the hint above, can you guess where our next official adventure will take place? Comment below! 

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