Oh boy! I can’t believe it’s already been another year! Senior sessions are hands down some of my favorite, most fun, least stressful sessions and I believe they keep me young! Since my senior seasons go from June 1st to May 31st each year, I skip the yearly recap (senior edition) blog post for June, when I stop photographing the current senior class and prepare for the next! This year was a year I’ll never forget!

I photographed almost 30 seniors throughout the past year, kickstarted a brand new spokesmodel program, hosted my very first themed group shoot with my spokesmodels, had sessions in the heat of the summer and the snow of the winter, and enjoyed the entire time! I had seniors representing the high schools of Paxton-Buckley-Loda, GCMS, Watseka, Unity, Iroquois West, and even the Illinois Math + Science Academy! I wish the best of luck to every single senior and their journies to the future, may they be bright and full of adventure! #magerimageseniors

girl floral fashion stairs girl bleachers falcons red

Remember that one time Taylor and I went to the fair?! I think I’ll have to try this again next year! girl fair rides smile lights girls sitting dresses graffiti wall girl flowers outdoors pink jean jacket Cute girl senior flowers jean jacket blue cheering happy

That’s my SISTER guys! Ah! I’m old! sister senior curly kinky hair beautiful girl outdoors grass purple white shirt girl bench outdoors leaves smiling girl winter shoot makeup red lipstick

That one and only decent snow we got was perfect!
winter red smile snow girl girl outdoor dress country twins girl boy fraternal outdoor silly blonde girl town bricks gorgeous laugh blonde girl pose brick door girl brick pose red glamorous girl trees fun smile

Brandon was my only senior guy this year! guy outdoors smile manly

And ohhhh how will I ever top this “glamping” themed spokesmodel shoot?? girls themed shoot outdoors camping girls outdoors fire camping girls fire posing outdoors camping laughing girls hands hug jeans

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