Youuuu know Brittany. You may not know what she looks like, but I know you know of her. Brittany is a makeup goddess. No. Seriously. Any time I need a fresh face for a special event, she’s my girl. She’s also a good high school friend of mine and I have loved to see how she’s grown on this amazing journey of hers. She’s turned ideas into reality and exceeded so many expectations. Brittany started her business (Brittany Koryanis Makeup Artistry) years ago and things took off for her! She works closely with many of my other photographer friends, offering makeup services for anything from senior sessions to wedding days, and everything in between. Brittany recently launched her very own lash line, Noir Lash Co. and it’s going great! She recently posted on her social media pages that Kat Von D has even fell in love with the product! WOAH! Way to go Brittany! In honor of Kat Von D herself, Brittany brought along one of the artist’s brushes to incorporate into some of the shots. If you haven’t yet, you need to check it out! Needless to say, when Brittany asked me to do her headshots, I was flattered and so happy to do so!

Alright. Enough blabbering, on to the photos!

makeup artist headshots downtown kat von d makeup brushes paxton illinois brittany koryanis makeup artistry white peachblowing hair fall ivy white shirt headshot head shots field long grass noir lash co noir lash co owner brittany koryanis kat von d brush funny headshots professional makeup artist

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