Green Acres Sportsman’s Club, Roberts, Illinois

This has been a long time coming. For so long, I have dreamed of putting together a perfectly styled photo session, collaborating with some of the best in the area, and pulling off a fun and successful photoshoot. It finally happened.

This year, I promised my spokesmodel team that we would choose a theme for a photoshoot and run wild with it. Honestly, promising something I have never done is one of the most nerve wracking things to do, but I did it. My mentality was “now or never” so the seven of us threw some theme ideas around and eventually came to the conclusion of having a fun, relaxing photo shoot around the campfire with friends and lots of s’mores. I immediately collaborated ideas with my go-to makeup professional and dear friend Brittany, and she agreed to doing all six girls’ makeup the morning of. I’m pretty sure she’s booked up almost every Saturday for wedding makeup (shameless plug – if you’re getting married, CONTACT HER NOW!), so I trusted her to take on the challenge. For that perfect campfire setting, I knew my first choice was to head over to my favorite place in Roberts (Green Acres Sportsman’s Club duh), and pray for good weather. After that it was all vision.

I thought on it for months. What direction did I want to go in? What props should I bring in? Did I have enough or too little? Let me tell you, setting up a “set” is hard! Sure, I have an artistic eye, but making what I have in my head come to life is a real challenge for me, so I knew I wanted reinforcements! I took a chance and went in to the girls at Paxton’s newest antique shop, Ruby Jewel to see if they had any pieces that would be perfect to use. I feel like I’m in there day dreaming all the time, and Melody and Ramonna are so sweet and bounce house decorating ideas off of, but I was still nervous to ask! But it was now or never, so I asked, and they told me to take a look around! I knew they had so many great pieces, but fitting it all together to match my vision was proving impossible until Ramonna offered to come up and set things up! This was perfect for them to keep their creative vision true to their brand, and took some of the stress off my shoulders. We met a couple days before hand to look at items, and I went digging through things (and shopping) for the rest! Luckily, makeup artist Brittany drives a super cool ’67 Ford Truck and agreed to bring it along for the occasion.

It turned out to be the most gorgeous fall day we could have asked for. Seriously. Sunny and 70, with a sight breeze in the air, we were all so excited. I hope the entire spokesmodel team had fun, and I can’t wait to show them all off! If you would be interested in becoming a spokesmodel for the class of 2018, contact me or any of the girls today!

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