This fall was a crazy one! One day it was cold and rainy and the next it was warm and sunny. Combine that with a photographer’s crazy fall schedule (seriously, if you’re thinking fall, plan in summer!) and it’s a chaotic mess in the making. But Chloe wanted to risk it, despite the crappy weather predictions. So we did! She wanted to head to the University of Illinois campus to walk around there and see what fall foliage we could find. We were nearing the end of fall for her session so I was honestly a bit worried. As per usual though, we made it work and Chloe killed it all over that campus! She’s got a rockstar attitude and a killer wardrobe, but I think my favorite shots were the ones caught off guard, in between poses when she’d laugh or giggle at something stupid I inevitably said. We worked fast, as the clouds looked as if they were rolling in the whole time and it was getting darker quicker, but the best location of all was the last spot. We ventured down into Boneyard creek and froze our toes off! Just a little warning for ya, standing in only ankle high almost freezing water is still enough to make your toes go numb, but if you’re like me, it’s so worth it when you see the shots we got! I’ll stop blabbering and just show them to you! I know this lady has big plans in her future, I can’t wait to see what’s next! Enjoy!

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