Choosing what to wear can be one of the hardest parts about your engagement session. Well no worries, I’m here to help. I love assisting each of my brides with any part of their wedding planning process, and often will help them find the perfect look. I wanted to put together my top tips in helping you choose what to wear for your engagement session with me!

1. Be Yourself, Be Confident

This is the biggest piece of advice I can give ANYONE stepping in front of the camera. Be confident in who you are, and wear pieces to compliment that! More than likely, you’ll be more comfortable in what you would normally wear, so stick to it! If your pants are too tight or your shirt shows a little more of your arms then you’d like, leave it, we don’t want you to be self conscious during your session. If you’re not the type to wear skirts out and about, don’t wear them for your session. Flaunt YOUR style, not necessarily what’s in trend.

2. Coordinate, don’t Match

Coordinating with your partner is crucial to make sure you don’t match each other (the “white shirt with jeans” look is so 90’s!) and you don’t clash either. Plus, choosing colors that match exactly can be hard to do and stressful, so don’t worry about it! Try selecting colors that compliment each other. For instance, Adrian paired her maroon dress with Taylor’s cool gray button up, and they complimented each other nicely!


3. Color Choices + Patterns

Colors can be a lot of fun, but they can make or break a photo. No matter what seasons, you’ll want to avoid any type of neon. They tend to reflect a lot of unwanted color onto your skin, and who wants lime-green skin tones?! Stick to jewel tones (maroon, royal blue, mustard, etc.), earth tones (grey, brown, tan, etc.), or pastels (blush, baby blue, lavender, etc.), or any combination of the two! For instance, Kassandra’s soft blue paired nicely with Jordan’s blue/coral plaid shirt, and bringing in color really popped their photos!


As for patterns, have fun, but keep things simple. Pair a busy pattern with something more solid, much like Kassandra and Jordan did above, or check out how Hannah + Tyler paired her bold stripes with a layered vest and his subtle checkered button-up!

how to prepare for your engagement session

4. Layer Up + Accessorize

No matter what time of year it is, layers are always a good idea. Not only will they help you be more prepared in unpredictable weather, but having layers adds depth into your photos. Another bonus to layers is the ability to change up your outfit without having to go through a complete outfit change. Layers include (but are not limited to) jackets, vests, scarves, hats, shoes, and jewelry! Don’t forget about your statement necklaces and layered bracelets, they will help, and can even bring in a complimentary color or two. I always encourage my ladies to wear some sort of heel (big or small) for one look, to not only help dress up your wardrobe but believe it or not you’ll actually pose more naturally in heels, I promise. Not a fan of heels? Try boots or wedges instead!

5. Bring Options

The more the merrier, I always say! Now, this doesn’t mean that we will go through all eight choices you bring. This just means that we can together look through everything and choose what will work best in the moment. Sometimes the scenery calls for a different look or color, and sometimes it’s just too hard to narrow things down, so I’ll help. A lot of times what you wouldn’t normally pair together will photograph beautifully together, so I can help provide insight on location. Bring a variety of patterns, fabrics, textures, and colors, and we’ll make something magical out of it.

6. Turn to the Professionals

Most of the time, you’ll have a trial run for your hair and makeup before the big day. If not, you SHOULD! Anyways, consider lining up these dates together! The professionals know what you need for photos, and it will take some stress off of your shoulders if that’s one or two less things to worry about. You can check out my Preferred Vendors page to find someone to help. If you choose to do it yourself, do your makeup just a bit heavier than usual and don’t leave out the lip color!

7. Don’t forget the Fur-Babies!

A lot of my clients ask if it’s OK for them to include their dogs, cats, horses, and other animals into the session. My answer is YES!!! I love all animals, and have worked with a wide-variety of furry friends from dogs to donkeys, cats to cows! My advice though, bring a friend to watch them and keep them company or to even take them home when they are done in the spotlight.

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8. It’s all about the bling!

Don’t forget what started this all, the RING! I try my best to grab a shot or two of your ring, and definitely will have a few shots focusing on your ring, so be sure to have it ready to go! If you’ve had your ring for a while, consider having it re-dipped for that fresh out-of-the-box look, or at the very least, have it cleaned. Engagement photos are also the perfect excuse for a fresh manicure to be sure those hands are in tip-top shape, men included! If your man works hard with his hands, a manicure to clean up any dark cuticles or dirt under the nails will be the perfect date night solution. Are you still waiting for the big question or planning the perfect proposal? Be sure to check out Blue Nile’s selection of gorgeous engagement rings when you’re ready!

I really hope I have helped you in preparing for your engagement session with me! It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I’m always here to help!

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