In my opinion, engagement sessions are just as important as a wedding day. Are you debating on skipping your engagement session? Well let me tell you a little story…

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In 2012, when Brandon and I got engaged, we jumped right into planning our wedding. This was before Mager Image existed, and I didn’t have the experience with the wedding world that I do now. Anyways, we were planning and to save a few bucks, we opted for a photographer who offered a package without the engagement session. My aunt is a brilliant photographer and she offered to take them for us. All was good.

Then, about two months before my wedding I began to panic. I didn’t know my wedding photographer. I mean, sure, I had met her at our consultation to book and had seen her work on social media, but I had never been behind her camera. I hadn’t gotten the chance to see her in action, and therefore wasn’t sure if I would really be comfortable with the lady who I would spend 90% of my day with. Plus, Brandon’s not a fan of pictures, so I thought that the two of them getting to know each other would help loosen him up and not be so apprehensive of photo time. (I was right by the way.) What if we got to the wedding day and she didn’t get along with us? Or what if we hated how she worked? The what if’s could go on and on. So I called up our photographer, and added that engagement session on and we found a date right away.

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So, now you know my thoughts as a bride. Learn from my mistakes, folks. You may not think you need an engagement session, but you should want one. You have multiple dress fittings, trial runs for hair and makeup, and shoot, you even go taste your cake before you pick one out, so why not make sure your photographer is perfect too?

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Here’s the surprise: the engagement session isn’t just for you and your love, it’s also for your photographer. As your photographer, the better I can get to know you and your fiance, and see the two of you interact, the better I can help predict your moves. It helps me get to know the little quirks that make you you, and will only improve the more I can work with a couple. It’s simply impossible to learn all of this during the hustle and bustle of a wedding day. Not only will you be more comfortable with me after your engagement session, but I will be more comfortable with you, and that’s crucial!

So, take my advice, opt in for that engagement session, it’ll be worth it, I promise.

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