Sometimes (ok, all the time) I have a hard time keeping focused and on task. Working from home, it’s really easy to get distracted, especially when working on the computer 99% of the time. Facebook can be the death of productivity. I’ve tried everything from digital to-do lists, dry-erase workflow boards, timers, you name it. But eventually, I’d make my way into Pinterest-land and get lost for hours. That is, however, until I heard about the Focus app for Mac users!

focus app icon website blocker for work


Essentially, it’s an app you install on your Mac, and there are two main options. Block all websites except the sites approved by you or simply block the websites you can get stuck on (I’m looking at you I chose the later, just based on my personal preference. You choose how long you would like it to be active at a time, and can always shut if off early if you need. It also allows for you to set a password that will lock the controls to be able to turn off the timer. I don’t personally use this but I’m thinking it would be a nice parental feature to have in the future! If you try to head over to one of your blocked websites while you’re supposed to be working, it will not only block that site, but give you a quote about determination, hard work, or focusing which I find to be a bit humorous. focus app for mac users work tool

Go ahead, test it out. There’s a free 7-day trial before a simple one-time purchase of $19.95, but trust me, you’ll want it when your trial run is through! Also, the Focus family has been gracious enough to create me a code for 25% off! Simply use “focus-coupon-1022” when checking out!


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