As I sit here on the eve of Thanksgiving, I can’t help but reflect on this past year. There have been many ups and downs, but one thing is always certain. There will always be something new to be thankful for each and every day. Now, I’m not going to list all 365, but here are the things I have been most thankful for throughout this year.

– My husband, and the fact that he has remained by my side through the good, the annoying, the nagging, and the bad.
– Healthy family, even though we don’t ever have enough time together.
– That I have peace with those family members in which aren’t with us today. I love you Gar, & I’ll see you again soon!
– Christmas music, and the fact that the radio begins playing it November 1st.
– Friends who have stuck through thick and thin, even when I invite myself over.
– Wine
– And on that note, coffee, and creamer, and Starbucks rewards…
– Blackhawks games (GO HAWKS!)
– Scandal (the most recent TV show obsession) and Netflix, which allowed us to start this obsession.
– Those rare days when the hubby is home in time for dinner.
– A cat that believes it’s never to late to play (or eat.)
– Two dogs that are always happy to see us.
– Chaos.
– Peace and quiet.
– Rainy days and a good book.
– Sweater weather.
– Date nights with my handsome husband.
– Chipotle.
– This career that has allowed for me to meet so many new people in which whom I love to call friends.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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