Today’s #fridayfives is for the men in your wedding party! I love doing these Gift Guides, and after doing the Bridesmaids Edition I knew I needed to do a Groomsmen Edition. Guys can be hard to shop for. Trust me, I know! But thanks to past weddings and websites like Groovy Guy Gifts, I hope to make things a bit easier when shopping for the perfect gift! 

1. Custom Engraved Watches

I love the look of a sharp watch, and it can really add to a suit or tux look. Why not get your men a super cool custom watch they can wear over and over for special occasions? The options are endless. 

groomsmen wedding customized watches


2. Fun Themed Socks

I’ve seen this multiple times, and the more outrageous the sock, the better in my opinion! They barely show and are a great idea to really personalize your gifts to cater towards each man’s personality or highlight the wedding theme! I know Brandon especially loves his crazy socks from Express!

groomsmen wedding socks


3. Custom Drink Tumblers

Same as the girls, it’s really a good idea to encourage hydration on chaotic days like wedding days. Even if they don’t drink water, they’ll still look cool carrying these bad boys around! 

wedding gift personalized tervis


4. Monogramed Travel Bag

Like I said earlier, guys are hard to shop for! But Groovy Guy Gifts literally has so many cool options, it was simple! They sent us this bag for Brandon to try out while we travel, and it looks so cool! I’ll admit it’s a bit lighter than expected, but nothing a laptop cover can’t fix for the valuables! I thought this would be a very cool reusable gift for your guys to carry their essentials from morning to reception on the day of, there’s plenty of room for a change of clothes and those must-have toiletries on particularly hot wedding days to keep smelling fresh! 

monogrammed travel bag wedding gift


5. Traveling Shot & Flask Set

Most guys love a good toast, and how cool is this custom travel toasting set? Share (or not) with the guys throughout the day and keep things festive! 

groomsment personalized flask and shot glasses


There you have it! I look forward to seeing what else pops up on the radar and may post an updated list sometime! If you’re interested in any of the products on Groovy Guy Gifts site, use the code “MagerImage10” for 10% off your order! 

*This post contains affiliate links*

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