I’ve written this post over and over again, and nothing seems to measure up to the woman in these photographs. You’re beautiful yet humble, strong yet compassionate, you’re smart and driven and so much more. Last year I’ve trusted you for the last 18(ish) months to care for our daughter and you’ve stepped up and exceeded all expectations. I hate calling you our nanny. It sounds so impersonal and snooty. You’re more like family to both Brandon and I (so much so that we forgot to take a family photo last fall without you!), and a wonderful, playful, role model for Bexley. This past year has been full of laughs and tears, and brought many changes for you. To say I’m proud would be an understatement. I have loved watching your passion of makeup turn into a budding business, and I cannot wait to watch your journey with everything. You’ve got the vision and determination, and I know you can do it! You deserve the world on this day, happy birthday Sage!

sage ihrke happy birthday mager image blog post beautiful girl illinois model family photos with nanny sage sage ihrke makeup artistry

And because I can’t resist a few goofy photos… ha!

goofy family photos happy birthday outtakes

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