It’s been awhile since I’ve added another post to the “Inspired By’ segment of the blog! Today I want to talk bouquets. Not just any bouquets, but more specifically the BRIDAL bouquet. Do you know why brides started carrying bouquets? I do! Back in the 1600’s (before plumbing and running water) women would bathe yearly. Yep, you read that right. Typically in May, women would take that yearly bath, and plan for a June wedding. To ensure a more pleasant odor, women would carry around flowers (and often other spices and herbs) with them on their big day. Thus, the tradition of the bridal (and bridesmaids) bouquets, and if I had to guess, the tradition of florals incorporated in many parts of the wedding day. I love facts like this, but what I love even more is running water (can I get an Amen?!)

Regardless of tradition, your bridal bouquet is typically one of the biggest details of your day! It’s often the only pop of your wedding colors you’ll have close by at all times, which will tie your photos together seamlessly. In any situation, real florals will look, smell, and photograph so much better than silk florals, although I know that it comes with a price. Literally. If you’re finding yourself having to pick and choose over your floral details, I highly recommend focusing most on your bridal bouquet! Having a gorgeous bridal bouquet can help spruce up detail shots, reception photos, and even bridal portraits as well! So feel free to get that dream bouquet and keep the bridesmaids florals simple, since they won’t be as heavily focused on anyway. This is obviously just my opinion, but if you have any other tips or advice I’d love to hear it and share with future brides!

Now, for a little inspiration, here are some of my all time favorite bridal bouquets!

1. Adrian’s Romantic Bouquet
Adrian had a full, gorgeous piece accented with eucalyptus, red roses, and SUCCULENTS! Adrian has a talent for florals herself, and worked closely with The Flowercart in Paxton to pull of this look! 
green red bridal bouquet inspiration

2. Stephanie’s Soft Pastels Bouquet
I have a big thing for textures. I’m that kid that walks through a store touching everything that looks to have an interesting feel. Stephanie’s bouquet incorporated a leaf I know as lamb’s ear (not sure that’s the proper term for it) but it’s SOOOOO soft! Paired along with pastel toned florals, this bouquet was one for the books! The Still Room out of Manteno killed it! 

pink lambs ear soft bridal flowers pastels

3. Tiffany’s Colorful Bouquet
Speaking of textures, check this one out! Flora Design in Mahomet put together such a vibrant array of florals I would have never thought to pair together, but this bouquet has stuck out in my mind for years! I’m not sure exactly what kind of flowers those orange spikey things are, but they’re AWESOME!

vibrant bride's bouquet red orange purple warm green

4. Brittany’s Summer Bouquet
I loved this bouquet from the moment I saw it that morning. Brittany’s bouquet was full of orange/peach toned florals, and once again succulents stole the show! I used the bouquet that morning for some detail shots while the girls got ready, which added the perfect pop of color in the photos to tie in the color scheme for a more consistent color palette for their wedding album. Floral Designs Ltd. get the credit for this beauty!

peach toned bridal bouquet

5. Brittany’s Perfectly Pink Bouquet
I. Love. Pink. In fact, my favorite flowers are pink lilies! I had never seen them used this way in a bridal bouquet and I absolutely loved them! Played up with the use of softer pink florals and a bit of baby’s breath, those lilies were the main focus and great to use for a few detail shots! I also loved how Brittany kept her dad close all day with a small locket tied around the stems. Big props to Paula and her House of Flowers for Brittany’s florals! 

pink tones lily's hot pink wedding flowers

I could do this all day! Truth is, I haven’t seen a bouquet yet that I haven’t liked! Mager Image Brides all have impeccable taste. ? What are your plans for your bridal bouquet?

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