Bridesmaids dresses have a much bigger impact on showcasing your style than you would think! From short to long, chiffon or satin, matching or mismatched, bows or not, they’re a detrimental part of any wedding party. There are so many options, it’s so hard to choose. I have loved seeing all of the differences in bridesmaids dresses these past couple years, and so I want to show you some of my favorites! I can’t wait to see what’s next in the trend of bridesmaids dresses. I’m secretly hoping for sequins myself!

First up, I loved Brittany’s wedding theme of grey and lime green! The black lace tops and grey chiffon bottoms of the bridesmaids dresses matched the black shirts and ties with the guys’ grey tuxes very well, and allowed the lime green bouquets to really POP!

bridesmaids dresses grey and black lace dresses summer

These dresses have a familiar vibe, with the lace tops, and everyone who knows me knows I loooove texture! The dark purple satin bodices were a nice pair to the white tops, and fit perfectly in Kassandra’s vision!

purple satin white lace wedding party girls

Ohhhhh, teal. I love teal. Brittany’s girls wore long, flowy dresses which all matched each other from the waist down, but each dress had a different styled shoulder. What a fun twist!

blue teal long bridesmaids dresses

Holy COLOR! I’m not gonna lie, I had to ask exactly what this color was, since it’s definitely not purple, but not exactly what I would call pink. Turns out, it’s official color name is Sangria! These dresses were the life of the party, and paired so well with the sunflower bouquets the girls had!

short bridesmaid dresses purple magenta yellow flowers

There’s something so elegant about long, simple, flowing dresses that I think really compliments any wedding day. Whether spring, summer, fall, or winter, long chiffon dresses are a perfect choice! The mint and blush colors of Ellie’s wedding were perfectly represented in her bridal party.

teal bridesmaids dress pink florals

Happy Tuesday!

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