Kaitlyn C. | Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School Senior 2015

Meet Kaitlyn! She is one of my 2015 Senior Spokesmodel’s from PBL High School. She is a super sweet, fun loving girl, and I couldn’t ask for a better spokesmodel! We met in Paxton for some shots downtown, and then headed out to Ten Mile Grove closer to sunset. It’s beautiful out there this time of year! I always tell my girls to bring a variety of outfits, and jackets, scarves, or jewelry help change a look completely! Kaitlyn listened, and brought the coolest black leather jacket, and it worked with every outfit! I loved it, and want that jacket! 🙂 We finished up and found a beautiful field to get her last few shots in! Kaitlyn’s a natural in front of the camera! As a spokesmodel, she gets two sessions. One now, and one in the spring! I love being able to show how much a person can change in a year’s time! I can’t wait to see you for your next session Kaitlyn! In the meantime, enjoy these photos!

Kaitlin-9324 Kaitlyn011 Kaitlin-9498 Kaitlyn050 Kaitlyn046 Kaitlyn028 Kaitlyn031 Kaitlyn039 Kaitlyn055 Kaitlyn063 Kaitlin-9862 Kaitlyn084

Her full gallery is over here!

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