From way before Brandon and I, you’ve accepted me as family. Our stubborn personalities may butt heads on occasion, but you still put up with my crazy shenanigans and picture taking. We all know how much you hate getting your photo taken yet you somehow don’t grumble (too much) when I demand ask to photograph everyone. Thank you! I love how much fun you and Bexley have riding around on the gator around your place and how she demands you to “rock and roll” when she wants that ride. I love you!


I don’t even know where to start. You have taught me so much throughout my life that I could never repay you for. You were my star when I needed guidance, my rock when I needed strength, and my teddy bear when I needed comfort. I would be no where near the woman or mother I am today if not for your wisdom and for that I thank you. I am so happy Bexley has her “Opa” to support her as she grows in life. And yes, you still are and always will be my daddy. I love you!!

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Last, though certainly not least. I’ve certainly known you longer as my best friend or husband than I have as a father. But watching you develop and grow as a father has made me fall in love with you all over again. We always joke that you were the woman of our relationship because you wanted kids well before I did, but now I know. You didn’t just want kids, you were destined to be a dad, because you’ve blessed Bexley’s life in so many countless ways and are the most incredible role model. She lights up whenever she’s around you and watching the two of you play around makes my day. You will always be her daddy and she’s so lucky to call you that. I love you most.

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Happy Father’s Day

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