Loda Sportsman’s Club, Loda, IL

When Maisie + Dylan met me a few weeks ago for their engagement session, we quickly deducted that a part 2 was going to be in order. We still wanted to do so much, so we met back up outside of Loda. Maisie came ready to work and so did Dylan, and they killed it! We started the session with a few more photos in the dress she wore during their first session, but we were running out of light a lot quicker than anticipated, so we decided to give it another try. Then we moved on to Dylan’s pride and joy, his truck. I could tell he babies it and takes really good care of it! It’s SO clean. Which makes sense, because he details cars as a hobby! After that, we wanted to play around with the motorcycle a bit more so we found some open sky and some really cool clouds started coming in fast! I’m really happy with both of their sessions, and can’t wait to see what their wedding day brings! Maisie has kept me in the loop on everything from the venue choices to dress shopping, and it’s going to be perfect.

Enjoy! Comment below to show your love!

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