Last week I had the honor of spending the afternoon with a great friend of mine, Meredith Ramshaw, who also happens to be the photographer of Ramshaw Photography! Now, there is NO WAY that I claim to know everything, or even a fraction of everything there is to know about this photography world. However, over the past couple years in business, I have learned a few tips and tricks, and I love sharing what I know with other photographers who are just starting out. I mean, how else do you think I got to where I am today? It was by the help and encouragement of the photographers that inspired me, and I am glad to call some of them friends today! So, getting back on track here, I aim to do the same to photographers in need of a little friendly support.

So before we met for the afternoon, I found out what it was that Meredith wanted to learn from her One-on-One mentoring with me, and created a game plan. Meredith wanted to focus on workflow, along with shooting in manual and posing. Thanks to the Hyatt Place in Champaign who graciously allowed us to use their space for our meeting spot! We sipped on Starbucks that’s served right in the lobby of the hotel and talked workflow followed with a Q+A so that Meredith could ask me whatever she wanted! After that we went out with our wonderful model Dakota for the shooting in manual and posing portion of our afternoon! Dakota did a wonderful job and even let us put her smack dab in the middle of University Avenue!

Meredith, it was  such a pleasure to spend the afternoon with you, and I am so excited to watch you and your business grow over the next many years! XOXO

Enjoy some of the shots we got of Dakota and the many amazing head shots I got for Meredith!

Mentoring-5281 Meredith-5516 Meredith-5609 Meredith-5577 Meredith-5631 Meredith-5646 Meredith-5557 Meredith-5711 Meredith-5484 Dakota-5493 Dakota-5392 Dakota-5366 Dakota-5373

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