I first met Haleigh & Michael when we met up for their Allerton park engagement session last summer. We had a blast exploring the park until after dark, playing with their two puppies they brought to include in the photos, and then broke out the sparklers for a few shots! During their engagement session Haleigh informed me that their upcoming Valentine’s Day wedding would be Cinderella inspired. Now, if you know me, you’d know just how much I love Disney movies, especially the classics! I was instantly in love with this wedding, and it was still months away!

After waiting rather impatiently, the day was here! Haleigh & Michael’s wedding day was held in the beautiful iHotel right on the edge of Champaign. It was extremely cold temperatures and to top it all of there was an intense wind making it almost unbearable to be outside. Luckily the iHotel is a wonderful place to work in and you don’t even have to go outside!

We started with the girls, and captured the details of the morning and the hustle and bustle that does along with it. Once Haleigh was dressed in one of the most beautiful and perfectly Cinderella wedding ball gowns I’ve seen, we went to hang out with the guys for a bit until it was time for Haleigh & Michael’s first look. The rest of the day went just as smooth as the morning had gone, and since the Lampo couple opted in for a first look we had lots of time for bridal shots throughout the day!

Mr. & Mrs. Lampo, thank you so much for including me in on your big day! I am so very happy for each of you, and am glad to finally show you my view of your wedding day! Enjoy!

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