How do you get one shy farm boy and one shy farm girl together for the rest of their lives? With a little nudge from fate, and a lot of pushing from family members. 🙂

Sarah’s sister was about to be married, and both Sarah + Justin were preparing for the day to stand up with their best friends. During the reception, one dance between Sarah + Justin turned in to another, and another, and before they knew it, they had danced half the night away together. Sarah left that night wanting to see Justin again.

Over two years had passed, and with the exception of a few hello’s here and there, the only things they knew of each other were what they heard from friends and family. However, Sarah was still smitten and had not forgotten the night they met. Fate put them together again when they were both at another wedding. Thanks to a little push from Sarah’s family and friends, they ended up where they first connected, on the dance floor.

Sarah finally got to see Justin outside of the wedding scene one summer at a bonfire, and after stepping out of their comfort zones, decided to see what else fate had in mind for these two. For hours each night they talked on the phone about their love for farming and family, falling head over heels for one another. They’ve had more dates in tractors, semis, and combines than anywhere else. After dating for a while, Sarah asked Justin what one of his first impressions were of her, and he then shared that he knew she was special because he had never met anyone who could stand him talking about farming for that long and not run away!

Farming is their lives, but together their lives are not complete without each other. You may remember Sarah + Justin’s farm engagement session. What more appropriate place to use to tell their love story then, and again for their wedding?

Sarah + Justin, you could not be more perfect for each other. Sarah, you’re so incredibly sweet and thoughtful and you can tell by the look in Justin’s eyes that his world revolves around you. I hope you are enjoying these first months and husband and wife, and I thank you for the opportunity to get to know each of you and document your love together.

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Many thanks to the wonderful vendors for turning Sarah + Justin’s dream into a reality!

Makeup: Kara Eisenmann
Jeweler: Premier Jewelry + Champaign Jewelers
Wedding Gown: Michele’s BridalEssence of Australia
Bridesmaids Dresses: Michele’s Bridal
Groomsman Attire: Michele’s Bridal 
Florist: Sheila’s Sunny Bloomers
Ceremony: St. Thomas Catholic Church, Philo, IL
Reception: Franks Center, Philo, IL
DJ: Elite Entertainment
Cake: Stephanie Shively
Photographer: Mager Image Photography

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