Each year, I try and step my wedding day game up in many different ways. This past, oh, 18 months, I’ve really been concentrating on the bling! I’m going to get a bit “techy”, but before then all I had to photograph the rings was my Canon 24-70mm 2.8L series lens, and it just wasn’t cutting it. It was hard to get the perfect shot, I was either too far or too close, and alllll the sharpening in post editing! Then my dear friend Kaula introduced me to the world of macro filters. Game. Changer.

You see, I simply couldn’t justify an almost $900 macro lens when I use it for 5% of an entire wedding day. You can call me cheap, but I call it savvy. Ha! Well anyways, macro filters are simply a lens filter that screws into your lens. I bought mine for $15 on Amazon – much better than $900! They’re a bit tricky to get used to, but after some solid practice I finally got the hang of it. The outcome? Some super amazeballs ring shots for a super amazeballs price!

So with all the ring shot glory, I thought I’d throw together a blog post of my favorite ring shots using said macro filters. It was so hard to narrow these all down!purple weeds macro ring shot favorite ring shots 2018 firebird car macro detail bling diamond unique vintage wedding ring set diamond ring purple fall don cesar florida wedding ringsmaroon ring shot filters macro ring filters for canon styled shoot flowers by kristine wedding ring details compact mirror with rings bride holding dress ring shot


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