Sayre’s hometown is in Hawaii, and Chet grew up in Urbana, Illinois. However, they first met when in college in an entirely different state! As their love grew in college, they soon would be separated to go back to their hometowns, across the country. That’s when Sayre made the ultimate sacrifice, and followed her one true love to Illinois, so he could pursue his career. When I heard this story, the first thing I thought was, “Wait, you chose Illinois over Hawaii?!! WHYYYY?!” and then I thought about what true love really is. It’s different for each couple, but for this couple I believe it’s about being together, no matter what sacrifices must be made. They could be in the middle of the desert, on top of a mountain, or in the middle of corn country, but as long as they are by each other’s side, it’s home.

Next year these two will be traveling back to Sayre’s home state to declare their love to one another once more, and start their lives together as husband and wife. Sayre and Chet wanted their engagement pictures amongst the beautiful landscapes and enchanting woods of Allerton Park in Monticello, IL. This place is huge, and filled with many different locations to diversify any photographer’s portfolio. (You may remember my last Allerton engagement session from a couple weeks ago.)

I want to wish Sayre and Chet congratulations on their engagement and many years of happiness! Enjoy!

Sayre & Chet

Check out their full gallery here!

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