Hi guys! It’s been awhile since my last home update, and a lot has changed, though I need to capture photos of it to post! Today I’m going to focus on one of the rooms of the new house, though first I’ll recap the main events.

  1. The biggest update is we’re officially sleeping in Paxton! A lot of our stuff is still waiting on an official moving date once we are finished with the bigger renovations, but for now it feels so good to wake up in our home! It also makes the early morning/late night work days a little easier since we can put Bexley to bed in her own bed and continue working without having to drive just to sleep.
  2. We have now hosted two small gatherings in the new house! We host Mother’s Day every year, and though we were hosting in a not-so-complete home, it was still neat to see the space filled with our loved ones. A few weeks ago we also hosted a combination bachelor/bachelorette gathering for Ben & Sam, and had fun playing yard games outside and cooking out on the back deck! I look forward to many more get-togethers in the house, and am excited to show friends and family the progress!
  3. We’re missing a wall! It’s the newest improvement, and I haven’t shared photos quite yet, but it made a huge difference and I can’t wait to fill you in on the details.

There’s so much more I could go into but I’ll save it for another time. But I am excited to share that we have one room officially complete… for now! It wasn’t a major renovation in any way, but simply making the space into something we’ll utilize was a nice check off the 100 mile to-do list. We have a guest bedroom! In fact, this room is where Brandon and I slept for about a week before we moved our bedroom into the house. It wasn’t bad! First, here’s a photo of what the room was before we bought the house.

Our to-do list still has a few things on it, but they’re things we can plan and do down the line. I want to send a special thanks out to my mom, who came down for a couple days and helped me clear out, scrub, and move furniture. I couldn’t have done it all in two days without her help!


  • Clear out room/move furniture out
  • Remove Wallpaper
  • Clean floors/walls/closet
  • Paint
  • Re-Trim Floors
  • Replace panelling with drywall or find a cute wallpaper trim to cover the seams
  • Find guest bed set/furnishings
  • Find sheets/comforter/buy pillows/throw blanket
  • Finishing touches (add art/decor/etc.)

It’s nice to have most of this list done! As for painting and trim, we decided to wait since this isn’t such a high traffic room and won’t get constant use. Now onto the fun part, the photos! Please forgive the iPhone quality, as we were hard at work and I didn’t even think to take out my big camera.

My iPhone-ography “before” shot: 

We cleared out the space, removed the hunting-dog wall paper, and scrubbed the floors! The wallpaper came off pretty darn easy, just leaving behind a few strips of paper that were removed with a little hot water and soap. This room is in the basement so one wall is cement foundation blocks that have been painted and the others are a knockdown texture panelling, so there are seams that we will eventually replace or recover. There were a few spots (as shown below) where furniture rubbed up against the panelling, but for now it got ignored and covered up. ?

It’s a tight space, but this the bedset we had given to us by Brandon’s parents. I knew it was a complete set including the bed frame and two dressers, but thanks to my mother I know it’s official term is a “waterfall” set, and apparently they’re really worth something! I may have to do some research and I’ll update you on the findings another day!

The final photo! Thanks to a fee Target clearance items, I was able to put a few finishing touches on the room already. It obviously needed a bedding set, but I read on this blog post from Tidbits and Twine that it’s a good idea to include a throw blanket and fan in your guest room in case of hot or cold sleepers, so I did! It also had great tips on other finishing touches I plan to include in the room such as bottles of water, an alarm clock or clock in general, and a memo for the wifi password! Things I would have never thought about! Regardless, I found a few items without breaking the bank, and I wanted to bring in color to the small space, so here’s the rundown:

So all in all, I have about a day of labor, and $130 into this entire room. I call that a win!

navy yellow teal guest bedroom renovation diy target clearance items

And that’s it! Now on to bigger things and we’ll revisit this room for paint and further finishing touches at a later date…

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