Montego Bay, Jamaica

By now, I’m sure you’ve already read Part One of Chelsey + Ian’s destination Jamaican wedding, where I covered everything from the morning of the ceremony up to bridal portraits on the beach! What you may have caught on to is the fact that all of those photos were captured before about three in the afternoon, because after that we had a wardrobe change! I eluded to a Part Two that covered everything after that wardrobe change where we all got to change into our suits, ride over to the docks and hop on to a private charter boat with which took us all out to sea to do some snorkeling! Brandon and I had done the snorkeling at the Sandal’s Resort, but it was NOTHING like what we saw further out in the caribbean! The boat ride was a TON of fun thanks to the staff of the Freestyle Private Charter Company (and the drinks they brought with) and the amazing friends we made with the guests and members of the wedding. Luckily, I was able to take along an underwater camera housing unit, so I was able to capture some shots UNDER WATER – which yes is as terrifying as it sounds. I was learning on the job, so I’m really hoping I get another opportunity to try my hand at underwater photography again (hint, hint!) but I’m really pleased with the shots I did get! Enjoy, and look out for Part Three AND Four – because we took SO MANY photos.

spirit airplane jamaica snorkeling instructor freestyle beach montego bay caribbean teal water beach side montego bay jamaica caribbean jamaica private party boat bride boat freestyle caribbean wedding warren brown jamaica sandals worker bride groom party swimming hot

Poppin’ champagne on the boat! So fun!caribbean boat rides freestyle poppin champaign on the boat

The crew aboard Freestyle gave out FOOT RUBS while we relaxed. It was amazing!  private charter foot rub freestyle mountains of jamaican marley

The coast of Jamaica is just beautiful and so colorful!coast of jamaica colorful living spaces coast of jamaica house resort water fish jamaican ocean

Time to get in the water!freestyle boat jamaica caribbean charter private water ocean photography bathing suit underwater photography ocean jamaican jamaican coral reef swimming lifeguard scuba diving snorkel

These little yellow fish were EVERYWHERE!
underwater yellow fish photography coral reef scuba diving aquatech camera gear underwater picture caribbean sea underwater snorkeling diving photography freestyle private charter boat snorkeling party on the boat crew bridal party beautiful caribbean sunset purple

Of course I had to get a photo of the Starbucks Coffee sign! jamaican starbucks montego bay

Sunset was GORGEOUS and SO rich in color!sunset palm tree wallpaper

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