University of Illinois Campus, Urbana, IL

Taylor + Dustin are seriously perfect for each other. I first met Taylor a few months back when we met to talk wedding. She’s so sweet and down to earth, and talked about Dustin as if there was no one else on Earth. She talked about how he proposed when she least expected it, with the help of their friends. On the day Dustin got the ring, he knew he wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret for very long. That night, Taylor had plans to go out with friends, so Dustin called them up to help him make a different plan for the girls. Taylor’s friend told her that she needed to go help her son with a broken down car, so they began to drive. As they drove, Taylor recognized the spot where Dustin and her had their first date, and as they went on by she started to tell her friends about that special place. In their heads, her friends were laughing. One because they had missed the spot and drove passed it, trying to think of an excuse to turn around, and two because Taylor was clueless. When they finally pulled up to that spot, Dustin stood, surrounded by candles that read, “Marry Me”.

Taylor’s eyes lit up telling me the story of that night, and it gave me goosebumps!

We met up on the campus of the University of Illinois, on what I believe was the coldest day of spring. As I pulled up to the location and walked around scouting the place out, it started snowing! Mother nature has definitely had a screw or two loose this spring. We ended the session with a little bit of sunshine peeking through, but for the most part it was gloomy. I loved exploring this new part of campus though, and Taylor + Dustin were troopers in the cold!

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couple leaning against wall university of illinois campus engagement sessionlobby of alice campbell alumni center fiance against brick wall and pillarsclose embrace holding hands sitting on steps under light post krannert center steps urbana illinoisengagement photos on campus with flowers Taylor+Dustin-2508 close up of ring couple posing in front of alice campbell alumni center Taylor + Dustin

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