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Where to even begin! I headed out on Friday night, the first weekend in April, in anticipation of the weekend ahead. The event is hosted by some dear friends of mine, Kellie and Rebekah, and the fifth year of The Reset Conference was just hours away. I hadn’t gone the past two years, but when the first two were hosted in Champaign I went. Each year seems to be different. I remember the first year listening to Bobbi and laughing my butt off, and then feeling starstruck when Katelyn James came to town. This year, the speaker lineup seemed to have more names that I didn’t recognize, though there were a few, so I didn’t know how things would go. I was going by myself and staying in a room with three women I had never met before which added to nerves! But once I got into town, settled into the room, met the girls, and we prepped for the weekend, those fears and nerves went away!

Capture Life. Live it First.

Bekah and Kellie opened with these simple words, and I loved their takeaway. It’s a photographer geared conference, and revolves around the notions of hitting the reset button. As business owners, we have to do this on occasion, so it’s good to be reminded of it. Each year is set up with different speakers talking on different topics, and although this particular year was very much geared toward newborn/child/family photography (of which I am not), there were still some other key moments from the weekend as a whole! The first day my camera was being cleaned and calibrated (hallelujah to Peachtree Camera!) which means I don’t have photos from classes Saturday other than iPhone shots, but I’ll share those too! #alltheselfies

I think my biggest takeaway honestly had nothing to do with the conference in particular. There are so many facets to owning a creative business, and I hope to implement some of the things I learned, but actually hope to use the experience to be a better teacher myself. But overall, I learned how important networking is. If you have no idea what I’m talking about. EMAIL ME. It’s that simple! Being around, talking to, and sharing experiences (good and bad) with other creatives who get it is instrumental! I mean, I can vent to Brandon anytime I want, but does he really get it? Probably not. Being around other people who can share their input and experiences was amazing to know I’m not alone in my thoughts, ideas, or worries! That alone was enough for me to sign up for another year of Reset, next year in Lexington, Kentucky!

indianapolis reset conference selfies with photographers holly birch nate tyler herrinton virginia

When you’re at a conference with a bunch of other photographers, you better make sure you get your headshots updated! Thank you sooo much for these (and others but ya better follow me on Insta to see them all) shot by Cassi Heaton and Hope Denton and edited by meeee. 🙂 emily magers mager image photography emily magers mager image photography indianaplois photographer

Probs my all time fave… emily magers mager image photography indy photogemily magers starbucks computer fun

Hope – this girl. She was one of my roomies that I met that day, and I loved her! In just one weekend she convinced me that it’s ok to dig a little deeper, go a bit crazy, and that fried lemons really taste like squash (LOL). hope denton photography headshots hope denton photography headshots

And then there’s my girl Cassi. She’s such a sweet soul and most definitely going big places!cassi heaton photography headshots

While there I offered to take headshots of anyone chillin’ with us in the lobby skippin’ the last breakout class, and we had so much fun!photographer headshots Indianapolis, IN

Tested out the most extreme fisheye lens of my life. Stiiiillllllll not sure what I think about fisheye lens test shot kaya tate speaker the reset conference details

Tyler Herrinton got me excited about testing out the video world! tyler herrinton VA videographer the reset conference keynote speakers

Fangirling with Julie Paisley, who flew from working in ITALY the day before she was to speak here. julie paisley photographer international weddings blogging and seo class fun at reset conference lexington kentucky rebekah albaugh kellie penn across the miles photography reset conference the reset conference blog lexington KY

See you next year Lexington! announcement of LEXINGTON KENTUCKY photographer

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