Last year, I had the privilege of meeting and working with the lovely Tori of Tori Beach Videography. She’s fun, sweet, and down to earth! I am so stoked to have her on the blog today and if you’re in search of a wedding videographer for your big day or a business in need of promotional material, she’s your girl!

Introduce yourself!

Hi! I’m Tori Beach. I love capturing the precious moments that go by quickly and are often forgotten, so you can experience the wonder of reliving your wedding day!

Why did you decide to go into this field?

Since I was little I’ve loved stories. The only thing I find more delightful than listening to a good story is telling one! And what’s a better way to tell a story than through video?

Whether your story is an unforgettable day in your life, a business you created from the ground up, or a story you wrote and want to share with the world, I want to tell it through video.

I view videography as an art, one that captures a story in a concise, effective, and beautiful way. Since 2008 I have been practicing this art form and have experience in shooting and, my specialty, video editing.

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Random Fact:

I have small thumbs… very small thumbs.

What is your favorite work tool?

My editing software/computer.

What kind of advice would you give future clients?

Have fun, be yourself, and don’t be afraid of the camera – it loves you!

Random Fact:

I raised goats for five years of my life.


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