small business owners email templatesLet’s face it, as an entrepreneur in any business type we find ourselves answering the same questions over and over. Early in my business life I was spending SOOO much time typing out answers to each person and essentially saying the same thing time and time again. Sometimes, I’d miss information or forget to say something so I’d have to send an entire new email. Until I came across the world of email templates!

It sounds complicated, but really isn’t! I’d simply type up an email to a client answering one of the same questions again, copy it, and save it in the Notes app on my phone/computer! Then the next time someone would ask me that very same question, I’d head to that note, copy it, and paste it into the email! It’s as easy as that! I still personalize each email and re-read over everything to make sure it is updated and current, and send! Using an email template simply makes sure I don’t miss any steps or forget any information! I will admit, it takes a bit of time and if I update policies or pricing I have to remember to go in and update my templates, but it’s still SUCH a time saver!

BONUS TIP! Using a client management software can allow you to send out some of your emails automatically! I personally love and use Dubsado, and being able to store, send, or auto-send emails is a game changer! (PSST! If you’re interested in Dubsado, use the code “MAGERIMAGE” for 20% off your first month OR year!)


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