Grace + Gabe Armstrong 
Class of 2017

I often make a fool out of myself. The combination of my goldfish-like-memory along with my incredible ability to make any situation awkward has once again worked it’s magic. Grace is one of my 2017 spokesmodels, and not only is she gorgeous and smart, but she’s also a TWIN! For her spring mini session, she had told me she wanted her brother to be in on the fun, and I was happy to oblige. We got twenty minutes into her session when I asked, “so what year are you, Gabe?” – and the look on his and Grace’s face was priceless. They both answered, “we’re twins!” and I was dumbfounded. The more I think about it, I’m pretty sure she mentioned this fact at her first session and if not it was definitely in her spokesmodel application. But I’d slept since then and it completely escaped me, making me feel like a fool, but that’s just the norm anymore… ha!

Grace’s session was falling towards the later blooms this spring, and I was bored with all the “traditional” spring-y locations, so we walked the back alleys and main streets of Paxton where we found a few trees still in bloom and just asking to be photographed! Shout out to Gabe for being our official “tree shaker” and for making us all laugh.

Makeup by: Brittany Koryanis – Makeup Artistry

sibling senior twins pbl high school pose


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