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With summer in full swing, weddings almost every weekend, and a June bride myself, I thought we’d take a minute to talk about the downfall of summer, the overwhelming heat. Sure, in winter, hot summer days are all we dream about, but if we’re realistic, we’re really looking for days in the mid 70’s, not high 90’s! However, that’s not always the case, and I’m here to try and help! Wether you’re planning your ultimate wedding or a soon-to-be guest, I hope to share some tips to help you survive the hottest of days!


I think this goes without saying, but don’t forget to HYDRATE! If you’re a guest, bring a bottle or two, or a cooler! For my brides, make sure to have water readily available for not only your bridal party but your guests! By all means, don’t forget the cooler of beer, but be sure to include a few waters in there as well.

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Hair and Makeup

This one is tough! You do your hair and makeup first thing, only to hope that everything stays put throughout the whole day! It may seem like a lost cause, but there’s a few things you can do to help your look survive the heat! 1. Hair! I’ve seen so many brides plan their wedding in July and wear their hair down, which is fine until heat and humidity hit, and those curls die out fast. Try instead for an updo, even if wispy and loose, it will still fair better when hot. 2. Put Oil strips in your ‘oh-shit-kit’ or purse if you need. A few blots and not only will you not mess up your makeup, but it will help relieve any shine from a sweaty day, which leads me into my next point. 3. Powder! Once you’ve blotted as much oil as possible, a little powder can go a long way. You can do this before portraits to ensure you don’t have a shiny face or runny makeup captured in your photos.

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For the Guys

Guys have it a bit easier in the shiny face department due to lack of makeup, though admittedly a harder time with wardrobe (though never underestimate the heat a bridal gown can trap!) Ladies, if you’re planning your summer wedding attire (or your husband’s wedding guest attire to perfectly coordinate with your summer dress) for a full suit in black, you may want to think again. Though it may look nice, your man is going to suffer in the heat, and let me tell you from a photographer’s standpoint, there’s nothing more grumpy than an overheated groom. Consider a jacket-free option! Dress pants with a button up shirt and vests, a white shirt with suspenders and a bow-tie, a simple button up with a tie, you have more options than you think without the need of a thick jacket. With whatever you choose, always be sure to include a hanky (even a hotel washcloth if you forget) to have something to wipe the sweat off! No worries on wiping away the makeup for the men!

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Stay in the A/C

Sure June wedding in the gardens sounds wonderful, and I tell you, most of the time it is! However, when summer gets hot, it’s HOT. Remember, you’re not just outside for the ceremony, you’re outside for all of the portraits too, which can be hour long blocks at a time. An indoor ceremony may be the perfect break you (and your guests) need! But, if the outdoor way is the only way, at least plan for the shade, and have a back up plan. If things get too hot, you’ll not only be concerned about the sweat, but heat stroke, so be sure to have a plan B.

Also, don’t forget about your transportation! Remember those hot days when you get into your even-hotter-car and can barely touch your leather seats?! Well, consider a party bus or limo to transport the party from location to location! Amongst so many other reasons, the driver can keep the A/C cranked even when you’re not in it and it makes a great place to take a break from photos and cool down.

Portable Fans

Last but not least, don’t forget your fan! From paper fans that double as programs, to actual fans that plug into your phone (no for real – they exist and are SO COOL – pun intended), be sure to have something to keep the air flowing. If you can’t be in the A/C, fans are the next-best-thing!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tips to stay cool on those hot summer days! Maybe you can put them to good use today or someday soon!


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