So you guys, remember that one post where I talked about my goal to blog more? Yeah, well, I suck. I have been working round the clock with some big secret projects, have been out of state twice, bought a house (yay!), but have failed to blog about anything! I’ve also recently started a private Facebook group for boudoir photos if you’d like to see what else I’ve been up to these last couple months! You can request to join, just keep it women only please. Anyways, I promise I will catch you all up soon! But today I’m a bit weepy. Wanna know why?

camera onesie photographer kid black and white photo

Bexley is 18 months today.

Seriously. I have an 18 month old. How is that even possible?! These last 18 months have flown by! I have tried to be better lately about taking more photos of her even if we’re just hanging out around the house, and have done pretty well, though none of them have seen the light of social media, until today. Baby steps. But really, it’s so hard to think that the day we met her was exactly a year and a half ago today. In just 18 months, we’ve been blessed with a spunky, funny, lively, independent, sweet little girl, and that’s just scratching the surface. She’s so smart and has a huge vocabulary and will put together phrases like “more please” and “oh boy” – which is our current favorite! She has 12 teeth, knows where her hair, eyes, mouth, teeth, ears, nose, and belly are, and can tell you what a cow says. She LOVES movies still, and current favorites are Finding Dory, Frozen, and Zootopia. She asks to brush her teeth anytime we’re near the bathroom, and likes baths but goes nuts over a swimming pool. She hates most veggies with the exception of peas, but will eat all the fruits! I could go on for days, as there are SO MANY sides to this little girl. Time can slow down any day now!

baby growing up  cookie personal photos park time

She loved playing at the park on our 70 degree day in February! bexley ann mager image photography kid 18 month old

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