Meet Zeph, PBL High School 2015 Senior Spokesmodel!

So, if you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably already met Zeph. He’s funny, intelligent, easy going, weird (in a good way!), my cousin, and so much more. He’s also one of our 2015 Senior Spokesmodels! His sister, Carissa, was one of the very first seniors I took photos of almost THREE years ago. She joined us for his session, and it was a blast running around Paxton with the two of them. Zeph loves the cooler temperatures, and the day we met was no exception. Being one of the coldest and darkest afternoon’s we have had in a while, Z was in his element with his long jackets and scarves! I met Zeph and Carissa at their home, and we went tree hunting. 😉 Being one of the last weeks of fall, there were already bare trees, and we definitely wanted that fall color! Plus, we found some fun and different locations along the way! It amazes me that the time has already brought Zeph to his senior year. It seems like just yesterday that I was taking photos of his sister! Zeph, here’s to the rest of your senior year, I’ll see you in the spring! Actually, I’ll see you at Thanksgiving, if not sooner. 😉

Think you got what it takes to be a Spokesmodel? I know you do! Anyways, the search for our Mager Image Senior Spokesmodels for 2016 is on now until November 15th, and you can apply here!

Zeph004 Zeph024

I had to yell at Zeph for wearing white socks with black pants. Clearly he felt really, really bad.
Zeph016 Zeph026 Zeph038 Zeph047 Zeph075 Zeph084

As I said before, Carissa joined us for Zeph’s session, and well, as you can see below, they were amusing to photograph.

I absolutely love when seniors are comfortable enough to goof off in front of the camera. And with a senior as goofy as Zeph, his senior gallery would not be complete without a bloopers reel. 🙂
Zeph002You can see Zeph’s full gallery over here!

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